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Lillie Jessie has performed a lifetime of exemplary educational work supporting ALL students in a culture of learning.
Lillie’s dedication is in recognition that these students are ALL our children – they are our County’s future.

Mrs. Jessie stands on a proven track record of harnessing the unrecognized gifts of teachers and students across the full spectrum of learning—from those with physically-challenging conditions to those in the gifted category. Her trademark is building leadership capacity of teachers. She contributed many  concrete initiatives and talented administrative leaders to PWCS, including the Virginia Tech Kindergarten-to-College partnership, and elementary student-operated bank projects.


The foundational cornerstone of her school board candidacy is unmatched, based on extensive experience in school budgeting, grant development, personnel, physical plant, communication and organizational management. She has fostered optimal learning environments by maintaining student safety as a prerequisite.

When re-elected, Lillie pledges:
ALL students will learn in a career- and/or college-bound culture by: EXPERIENCE MATTERS!
Placing more emphasis on students’ critical thinking, problem-solving and project-based learning--and less on fill-in-the-blank tests
Increasing work-study programs with business and college partnerships for authentic workforce experiences Increasing participation for ALL students in programs such as dual enrollment to earn community college credit, Advanced Placement, career education, and/or specialty programs 38 Years of Award-Winning Leadership In Our Schools

“As a school board member, I collaborate with parents to make sure children are able

to enter top-tier universities, and to find a range of tracks for life and career success .”

Increase support for Teachers and Staff in PWC Schools by:
Providing salaries and benefits competitive with neighboring counties Reducing workload by testing to support student growth, vs. testing just for administrative accountability
Providing coaches for teacher training and support, separate from those used for evaluation and/or dismissal of teachers
﷯ • Not meeting class size requirements by just doubling the number of teachers per class
• Reviewing current shared-revenue plan with the County • Demanding that re-zoning development plans and proffering practices better consider availability of school space • Plan in advance to acquire land needed for building new schools
• Capital Improvements and Facility Management

Prince William County has one of the fastest growing, most diverse populations in the U.S., and is the second largest school division in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Lack

of planning for schools necessary to serve such growth affects classroom learning--and

the County’ reputation.


Lillie has extensive experience in developing and phasing school and school district budgets, ensuring existing facilities are adequately maintained, and in preparing for the challenges of quick growth and diverse student populations.

“As a school board member, I collaborate with parents to make sure children are able to enter top-tier universities, and to find a range of tracks for life and career success .”

• Rigorous Curriculum

A “World Class” education means preparing our students to compete in our 21st Century global economy workforce. Central to a world-class education is a rigorous curriculum that develops higher-order thinking skills to be successful in life.


Lillie’s demonstrated success in education is based on review, monitoring, and implementing a rigorous and viable curriculum that results in high achievement across the spectrum of students’ strengths.


“Curriculum oversight is one of the major charges of our School Board. As a Prince William County School Board member, I will continue to promote this results-oriented gold standard of learning for all our students.”

• Collaborative Culture

We must support ALL students in working towards college, career and job opportunities. Creating tracks in school for life success has always been a personal goal. We must engage students in a range of practical business experiences--such as operating a “bank” as early as elementary school--reducing the “skill gap” of graduating students.

“I was the first to establish a School-university partnerships--the award-winning Kindergarten to College created with Virginia Tech.“

We are facing the urgency of NOW! We can't afford to wait…our children’s futures are at stake! Background and Achievements Lillie Jessie has performed exemplary work at all levels with elementary, middle, and high schools; and for special education, gifted, and English-as-second language students, as demonstrated by a number achievements and awards. Perhaps the highest recognition of Lillie’s comprehensive understanding of student learning and school management was her appointment by the Governor to the Commonwealth SOL Innovation Committee. During the 20 years Mrs. Jessie was Principal at Elizabeth Vaughan Elementary School, the school received Four School of Excellence Awards:
• Virginia Title I School of Distinction
• National Professional Learning Community Model School
• High Flying School Award from the National Council for Youth at Risk for Closing the Achievement Gap • One of the “Most Collaborative Schools in the Nation” - Brigham Young University • Washington Post Principal of the Year for Prince William County
• Kathleen Seefeldt Community Service Award
• Governor’s School Board Award
• Honored as Principal, Teacher, and School Board Member • Community awards • The County Human Rights Commission Award
• WETA –TV Channel 50 - Unsung Heroes
• National Coalition of 100 Black Women
• National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Awards Recipient

Lillie is the originator of PWC Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Inc. Martin Luther King Youth Oratorical Contest, which has served as a model of youth talent and received national recognition.

(one of four in the United States) -
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